Techno Music: A Brief History

Music is arguably the best common denominator that unites people from all over the world. People travel a lot of miles away and to different places just to listen to their favorite artists. With the different musical genres, it is impressive to find out the journey that the various styles have gone through to be recognizable today.


Techno music is an electronic music type that was birthed in the 1980’s in Detroit. It is a mixture of electric jazz, electro, Chicago house, funk and electronic music. Techno includes monotonous and rhythmically played instrumental music. This type of music was pioneered by Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. An influential person to these three was the Electrifying Mojo a famous DJ who would mix different types of music.


A notable point in techno music is where Juan Atkins and Richard Davies released a track; cybotron. Atkins had not envisioned naming the music he was producing and had initiated as techno. This was brought about by Toffler mentioning, ‘techno rebels’ that he got the idea. Derrick May also produced Rhythim is Rhythim- Strings of Life, an essential eye-opener to the world of techno music. Techno had become a worldwide sensation by 1989, and this was made even more prominent by Saunderson fusing techno and pop music. The track good life by inner city is evidence of this significant fusion.


The growth of techno music can also be seen in other parts of the world like Germany. Having taken root and being established in Detroit, the revolution was in Berlin. The fall of the Berlin wall created a flourishing atmosphere for electronic music such as techno. The different ownerless and deserted buildings created the perfect places to hold unlicensed night parties. This grew techno music because the music played included harder basses and voiceless electronic sounds. The pioneers of the illegal Berlin parties are currently the owners of various techno clubs.


With its birth, techno music was considered as party music used to excite attendants of the different parties in Detroit. With time, it grew to have its own club although this establishment did not last long. This premise never sold alcohol and was attractive because of the various night sets and being widely spread.


It is quite fascinating that techno music gradually grew to be urban-oriented and including sci-fi themes. Also, techno music is recently seen as a white people music although the pioneers are blacks. This could be attributed to the fact that its ideas had changed over time and to a great extent no longer represented its trailblazers.


The growth of the techno music industry is a unique one. It is almost impossible to believe that what is now an international with an enormous fan base of all ages was once considered an underground movement. It is therefore important to recognize the efforts of the different key figures whose passion led to the creation of this music genre. If they had not continually listened to the diverse genres, mixed them and produce, then techno music would not be in existence.